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5 Best Boats & Yacht Rentals in Dubai

Does the idea of sailing on a boat or yacht in clear blue waters fantasize you? If you live in Dubai, or are planning to visit Dubai for tourism, yacht cruise should be on your list!

Surprisingly, many folks are unaware that Dubai is a popular destination to enjoy a luxury yacht cruise. Dubai is a city of water and illuminating lights, and you must not miss out on experiencing spectacular yacht rides in the city. Some popular destinations are Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Creek and Dubai Water Canal.

Now that you are aware of this… Yacht Charter cruise should on your bucket list while being in Dubai!

In this blog, we have mentioned 5 Best yacht rentals in Dubai for a lifetime experience. It’s time to elevate your fantasy and make it into a reality. Continue reading to learn more.


1. Think One Vacation Yacht Rentals

If you are looking for the best yacht rental services in Dubai then Think One Yachts is one of the finest and most reliable services around. From party yachts in Dubai to private ones, Think One leads the rest and has got an extraordinary range of yachts. You can arrange events, go sightseeing, and do many more activities with yacht rental services provided by Think One.

You can also rent the boats on a daily basis and go for fishing trips. At Think One, you will find much more than just renting a yacht or boat, you can enjoy water sports with the service as well and double your fun with more exciting activities. Mega yachts and cruises are also available to arrange extravagant events for you. You can have a live chat with an agent on the website and check deals that start at a minimum from 450 AED and go up to 42000 AED.


2. Charter Click

Another yacht club vacation rentals services Charter Click that has made the process of renting a yacht super easy. All you need to do is to fill in the form and enter the details of your boat trip, tell the number of people who would be heading on board with you, tell the time duration, and the team will itself generate quotes matching your needs.

Isn’t that super amazing way to rent a boat or a cruise in Dubai? No hassles, no bargains, simple and fun process to make your trip memorable and joyful. You can check their rates by visiting their website however, the minimum price per hour is noted to be 425 AED.


3. The Captain’s Club

Another one in the list of yacht vacation rentals service is the Captain’s Club. The service is known as being the economical solution to owning a boat for the people who are serious about renting a cruise for a whole year.

This offer is for those who are having a huge family in Dubai and are planning for a long stay. The membership starts from 18000 AED and goes up to 20000 AED for a whole year. You can check out the website for further information on packages and deals.


4. Cozmo Yachts

If you are someone who is looking for party and luxurious cruise ships then Cozmo Yachts is the best option to go with. You can hop aboard and catch some amazing sights during Dubai’s golden sunset. With multiple decks and indoor seating area, the yacht rental service of cozmo yachts is truly laudable. The pricing starts from 1500 AED per hour however, you can check the updated price as per your needs on the website.


5. Gold Yachts

Gold Yachts also stands in the list of top-rated yacht rental services of Dubai. From small boats to mighty yachts and marine cruise, Gold Yachts provides a massive range of economical boat renting options. With space for up to 500 people and breath-taking pathways between Dubai waters, Gold Yachts is another great rental service for visitors. The price per hour starts from 650 AED and you can check current rates on the website as well.

This blog covers 5 best boat and yacht rental services in Dubai, and it is sure to add abundant flavor to your to-do checklist on a vacation in Dubai.


Why Choose Think One Yacht Rental Service

Think One Yachts (T1 Yachts) is a trust worthy Yacht Charter and Boat rental company in Dubai. T1 Yachts has an extensive fleet of luxury Yachts and Boats with best yacht prices in Dubai. You can enjoy breath-taking views of Dubai onboard a cruise at amazing rates. Get ready to take your experience to a whole new level with Think One Yachts. Call +971 58 580 1737 or Whatsapp us for more information.

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