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How Much Does Renting A Yacht Cost in Dubai?

Dubai is not only famous for its ancient and modern architecture, but the Emirates is also known for having iconic yachts on which you can cruise over the clean blue seas. And this is why, no trip to Dubai is complete without the breathtaking and spacious yacht tours.

A luxury yacht tour in Dubai is regarded as one of the world’s most renowned experiences and highly recommended for all visitors to the country. But many people are usually confused when it comes to booking the yacht for the tour in Dubai. 

Since so many of you must have been planning to visit Dubai during the holidays, so let’s help you by cutting down the yacht rental search in Dubai and the cost part. 

With the help of this quick informative blog, you will be able to find the answer to your most searched query, “How much does renting a yacht cost in Dubai?”

Average Cost of Affordable Yacht Rental in Dubai

Many people brush off the idea of a yacht tour as they have a misconception that a yacht tour must be super expensive. 

But wait, cruising over the blue waters is now easy with Think One Yachts. We have got you covered with the simple and enjoyable affordable yachts in Dubai. 

The average cost of renting a reasonable and standard yacht charter is described in the table below. 

Standard Yachts No. of People Charges (Per Hour) 
Black Diamond, 35 ft. Yacht 50  AED 3000
Fishing, 36 ft. Yacht 10 AED 499
Gulf Craft, 45 ft. Yacht 12 AED 599
Majesty, 50 ft. Yacht 20 AED 649
Integrity, 55 ft. Yacht 22 AED 699

Cost of yachts is usually dependent on the size of the charter, number of people with you as a guest, and the time of the day when you want to have a yacht tour. Apart from a fully guest-oriented charter, you can also enjoy a private boat for two and celebrate your anniversary special. You can check the packages, or fill the booking form to request a call with our rental agents. 

Average Cost of Luxury Yacht Rental in Dubai

The average cost of luxury yacht rental in Dubai is definitely high but it is worth the money. 

If you are planning to spend your vacations in Dubai and want to have an enthralling experience with your loved ones, then luxury yacht rental in Dubai should be on your bucket list. 

Think One Yachts has some amazing options for luxury yacht rental as well mentioned in the table below. 

Luxury Yachts No. of People Charges (Per Hour) 
Majesty, Luxury 56 ft. Yacht 25 AED 750
Abacus, Luxury 62 ft. Yacht 28  AED 900
Nuvari, Luxury 64 ft. Yacht 22 AED 900
Imagine, Luxury 80 ft. Yacht 35 AED 1200
Duretti Jacuzzi, Luxury 85 ft.Yacht 44 AED 1200

The prices of the luxury yachts can go up and down and may vary from service to service. Always remember, booking with a poorly performing yacht rental company can be costly for you; however, with the right and professional Think One Yachts, the whole yachting experience can be smooth and enjoyable, also easier on your wallet.

Average Cost of Ultra Luxury Yacht Rental in Dubai

Whenever we talk about holidays and vacations, Dubai is the very first spot that comes to mind. Many people wait only to cruise over the clean blue waters with delicious food and warm welcome. 

Renting an ultra luxury yacht gives you the feel of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can enjoy all premium services with tasty cuisine, scenic views, and get true value for your money.

To provide you with an epitome of ultra luxury and premium yachts, Think One Yachts has some amazing options mentioned in the table below.  

Ultra Luxury Yachts No. of People Charges (Per Hour) 
Blue Yonder, Ultra Luxury 40 ft. Yacht 12 AED 1500
Abacus, Luxury 62 ft. Yacht 28  AED 900
Nuvari, Luxury 64 ft. Yacht 22 AED 900
Imagine, Luxury 80 ft. Yacht 35 AED 1200
Duretti Jacuzzi, Luxury 85 ft.Yacht 44 AED 1200

Premium and luxury yacht cruises can easily cost you around AED 750-2000 per hour. 

To make the most of your yachting experience, we recommend you spend at least 3-4 hours on your rented yacht. This way, you will be able to enjoy the clean blue waters of Dubai along with scenic sunset views, architectural coasts, delicious yacht cuisines, and a breathtaking view of skyscrapers from the deck of your yacht. 

With Think One Yachts, you can plan your whole event of yachting experience. Along with water sports and fun activities, you can celebrate other professional yacht events, and make memories of the scenic views. 

Key Factors That Determine Yacht Costs in Dubai

The average price for each yacht depends upon its size, additional equipment and characteristics. Choosing a small boat for two people with no lavish facilities is definitely going to be cheaper than renting a spacious luxury yacht. 

For each added facility, a yacht rental company will charge you and this may not go easy on your pocket. However, to avoid such sky-high rates, you can take a look at a few factors of yachting service that determine yacht costs in Dubai. 

  • Season of Yachting Experience

Indeed, Dubai is calm, sunny and almost impervious to the changing seasons. However, in the month of September to March, Dubai is overly-flooded with tourists and during this time of the year, the prices usually see a hike as compared to other months.

Similarly, special holiday charters can be a little more expensive. At this point, you must plan your luxury yacht trip carefully as the difference of one week can make a huge difference in the total cost of your trip.

  • Destination of Yacht

Another thing that may add additional cost is your destination. The farther your destination, the more time and fuel will be consumed during the cruise trip. So, the longer your stay onboard the yacht, the higher cruise fare you are likely to pay.

  • Cruise Size & Facilities

Luxury yachts come in different capacities and designs. They are designed to hold up to 50 and sometimes 100 guests at one time. From multiple floors to private decks, ultra luxury and luxury yachts look lavish and extremely iconic. This is why the charges may differ from the standard (small) yachts.

  • Value-Added Tax

Another important factor that affects the price of touring in a premium yacht is value-added tax, which is quite high in Dubai. Always ask your travel company about the VAT because sometimes, yachting services do not include the VAT in the prices listed. It’s an easy, but very useful tip many people overlook while booking a yacht with a yacht charter company. 

  • Professional Cast & Crew

If you will ask for a crew member and professionally trained staff during your yacht trip, then you may have to pay additionally. The total cost then also includes a team of skilled personnel to ensure you have the best yacht experience. With Think One Yachts, all yacht charters are accompanied by a professional yacht crew, chefs and servers to provide an unmatched cruise experience in Dubai.

Hire the best yacht rental service in Dubai

Looking for the best boat and yacht rental services in Dubai? Get in touch with Think One Yachts (T1 Yachts). Explore varied yacht options (affordable, luxury, and ultra-luxury) and cruises for all types of events. Call +971 58 580 1737 to avail the best yacht rental services in Dubai.

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